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Making Career Dreams Real in Difficult Places #hwctindia

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These schools have qualified teachers and the classes, infrastructure etc are provided as per ISO standards. The basic education in these schools is taught in an integrated manner by way of rhymes, movements and colouring. Students enjoy the atmosphere and therefore very keenly attend their classes. We conduct various competitions in drawing, speech, elocution etc. to encourage students. Also these students are encouraged to participate in competitions at various other places and have also won prizes in them.

Report from field

Raju Dhannawade studies in 3rd Grade., his father is a daily wage worker, while his mother earns by doing daily work in field as helper. He is very obedient towards his parents and teachers, has very good communication skills, is very attentive in classes and likes playing with his friends. Donations received through the website portal are helping such children continue their studies. We thank you and express our sincere gratitude to you for helping such children.


Donation Impact

A chronologically Mayuri belonged to a poor family. Her father repairs cycles to make ends meet and feed his family. He hardly earns enough to meet their family expenses and even then most of it is spent on his wife’s medical treatment.

Although he wants her daughter Mayuri to study, the education expenses are something that he could not afford. But he understands that Mayuri’s education is the only hope for both of them and Mayuri to lead a better life in the future. He knew it that he cannot do it by himself, but he was determined to help Mayuri find a way to study. Hence, he approached HWCT India with the request of helping his daughters study somehow.

HWCT India managed to find a donor who was willing to sponsor Mayuri’s education. With this support Mayuri is now studying in 5th Grade and realizing her father’s dream. She loves attending school regularly and is a quick learner. Her father is simply overjoyed that his son now goes to school and is pursuing his dreams.

About the campaign

The Rajtalati JP School and Aanganwadi School in Roha provides quality basic education to about 250 children from underprivileged farmer families who cannot afford to attend regular private schools.

The aanganwadi school provides an environment where even physically challenged students are placed on equal footing with normal students and they are encouraged and empowered to be active learners and participants. All the students benefit from this learning environment that is committed to acceptance, respect and understanding. Continuous success of such programs by Human Welfare has led to tremendous growth in the number of schools with each passing year.

The salaries, transportation and administration costs of the schools are taken care of by donations received for this program. You can donate to this program and help 5 children get access to education.

Offline Donation

You may deposit the cheque at any (ICICI) branch in India or transfer funds through net banking.

Bank Name : ICICI BANK
Account Number : 000405114122
IFS Code : ICIC0000004
Branch : 215 Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.
State : Maharashtra


* If surplus amount is received , the same will be passed creating facilities for the betterment of cancer patient.
* Please write the CAUSE name on reverse side of your cheque and also your PAN no in case donation is more than Rs.5000/-. The donor should give his/her full postal address and contact numbers if and, along with cheque /draft/cash to enable us to send the receipt of donation.

For Any further queries and suggestions kindly feel free to contact on info@human-welfare.org

Donations to HUMAN WELFARE CHARITABLE TRUST are eligible for tax Exemption under Sec 80-G Income tax Act 1956.