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HWCT India’s effort to empower rural communities through sustainable interventions that address challenges, particularly around malnutrition, the paucity of education and lack of employment opportunities.

With our strategic, process-oriented approach, we have already made a huge impact in addressing the most critical educational and nutritional needs of rural children.

Sustainable Development Goals

Help is Our Goal

Our mission powers HWCT India’s mission to eradicate malnutrition and create rich employment opportunities in India. Our work spans multiple focus areas across tribal, rural and urban communities: not only are we a nutrition and health planning NGO in India, we are also a digital empowerment foundation and a skill development organisation in Mumbai.

We Are In A Mission

Until our children get access to good education
and nutritious food, nothing in our country is ever going to change!

Let's Change

India By Empowering,

Delivering help and hope to rural children

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We have executed several projects which have changed thousands school children.

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Creating real, lasting change to develop
children and brighten India’s future.

Let's deliver help and hope to children