Empowering Rural India

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, HWCT India focuses on Education, Skill Development for Children, Youth, and Women in Mumbai & Rural Maharashtra. HWCT is supporting to integrate rural schools with the modern-day education systems that focus on Skill Development, Education Enablement, and Employment. HWCT India has a Three-Fold Initiative that focuses on Digital Learning, Skill Alignment, and Increasing Employability of adolescents in rural areas.

We want to empower Generation of  Youth that raises the per capita income of their communities, contributes to the development of villages, Educates the next generation, and hence, put an end to the poverty loop. HWCT India is committed to engaging with like-minded individuals and organisations to provide the necessary resources to provide Education, enable Talent Identification, accelerate job creation, and Enhance overall Quality of Life.

What We Do?

HWCT India empowers youth to make informed decisions about their career and thus enabling them to transform their position into gainful employment through life skills development, career development, mentoring support, internship and placement opportunities, thus creating a conducive environment for enabling youth to make informed decisions independently pertaining to their career and life.

HWCT India

Why Us?

Lack of guidance, awareness, and life skills leads adolescents and youths being unable to make informed decisions about their education and career. This results in poor decisions, increased dependency, low self-esteem and most of the time unemployment. Without education, children get caught in the vicious cycle of poverty and backwardness. HWCT India helps local schools and community to fight such issues from the root by providing adequate support.